Beverly JenkinsAt Puzzlebilities we believe life is full of possibilities.  My name is Beverly Nance.  I am a mother of two.  My daughter has autism.  I clearly remember the day she was formally diagnosed.  Having an autistic child changed my life in many ways, it led me into directions that I never dreamed of going.   Her autism diagnosis finally gave me something to work with because prior to finding out why she wasn’t talking or meeting other milestones I had no idea about autism.  Overnight I was thrown into a whirlwind of trying to make sense out of a disorder that made no sense.  Autism is a spectrum disorder and my daughter falls on the lower end of the spectrum.  She is essentially non-verbal.  I have always had problems finding toys and activities that were of interest to her.  She eventually fell in love with beads and while watching me work on my hobby of jigsaw puzzle assembly she picked up a puzzle piece and tried to put it with a matching piece.  I have always looked for creative ways to help her overcome some of the challenges that she faced  and continue to work on developing ways to help her reach her true potential. She was unsuccessful with my puzzle and I knew that she needed a puzzle that had fewer pieces.  I got her a smaller puzzle and now I had another activity for her to enjoy and that held her interest.  My daughter, my hobby and my entrepreneurial itch led me to start Puzzlebilities.  I found that in puzzle pieces, as in life the possibilities are endless.