Books and more Books It’s no secret. I love books. I love to read. I recently won twenty business books and seven politically themed books. I have many books. I think everyone should read as much as possible. I’m sure I have had some friends who don’t read at all, or at least not anything about business or politics.  Some of my friends tell me that they only have time to read sexy books .

I love cruising!

I took a cruise to the Caribbean on Feb 4th. We left from Miami and returned on the 9th. I booked the cruise with a group that I belong to and the total people who went on the cruise was about four hundred. While I was on the ship I had time to think about all the reasons I love cruising.   I was quickly able to name several wonderful things about a vacation .

Autism and Jigsaw Puzzles

My daughter has autism. Her favorite activity is beading. She has thousands of beads that she plays with every day. Wherever she is, her beads are nearby. My daughter also enjoys jigsaw puzzles. I own a jigsaw puzzle company so she never has a shortage of puzzles to play with. I also enjoy doing puzzles. Our love of puzzles may take many different forms. I make my daughter custom jigsaw puzzles and once they .

Tis the season

This year is the first Christmas season in thirty five years that I have not worried about having enough leave on the books to take off for the holidays. I’ve been retired almost three months now. Most days it seems surreal. I thought about my ex co-workers and how we spent year after year making the Christmas season happy for everyone else by the work we did for a living. I can’t say that .

30 days of retirement

I’ve been retired for 30 days now and I feel great. I have wanted to retire for years but I wasn’t ready every time that an early out was offered, so I suffered on, and on and on. I can’t say that I hated my job but I was tired of working. I was more than ready to stop clocking in and out for five, sometimes six days per week, ten to twelve hours .

5 things I plan to do when I retire

I’m retiring at the end of the month and I’m commonly asked what I’ll do after retiring. They want to know if I will be bored?  The quick answer is “Are you joking”? The truth is, I’ve been fantasizing about retirement for years. I am more than ready to let go of being connected to my current employer.  I rarely find myself in a position where I’m bored anyway.  But let’s talk specifics, here .

Mentally preparing for retirement piece by piece.

I’m preparing my mind for my upcoming retirement. I’ve worked at my current job for almost 35 years and I’m looking forward to pursuing a more relaxing lifestyle. I’m not planning to stop working, but I plan to work semi full-time for myself and speak and serve the autism community. I have never considered myself as having any limitations in what I am able to do. It is only my mind which can either .

Jigsaw puzzles for Alzheimer’s and Autism

Jigsaw puzzles for Alzheimer’s and Autism
There are 5 million people in America with Alzheimer’s and there are 3.5 million with Autism Spectrum Disorder. There are so many families who struggle with watching their loved ones try to remain engaged and have something to stimulate their brain. One of the ways to help stave off the effects of these disorders is by giving patients a constant sense of the familiar. Surrounding them with cherished objects can help stimulate the brain .

The lottery

The lottery
While sitting here working on my latest jigsaw puzzle I was thinking about an article I read earlier in the day about the women who won millions in the lottery and has bailed her boyfriend out of jail four times. Everyone seems to have an opinion about her actions and of course most people say that she is foolish. Money without knowledge of money management has made fools of many people. Winning large amounts .

Reading goal for 2016

Last year I read at least 12 books and that is my goal for 2016. I like to read at least one book per month if not more. I enjoy reading and it doesn’t require a huge investment of time and I consider it a huge investment in self-improvement. If you want to read more in the coming year, here are a few tips: Tip 1: Always Have a Book This one may sound .