Mentally preparing for retirement piece by piece.

I’m preparing my mind for my upcoming retirement. I’ve worked at my current job for almost 35 years and I’m looking forward to pursuing a more relaxing lifestyle. I’m not planning to stop working, but I plan to work semi full-time for myself and speak and serve the autism community. I have never considered myself as having any limitations in what I am able to do. It is only my mind which can either limit me or enable me to do what I want to do.

I believe, if I stay motivated and determined I will find a way to succeed in spite of getting older and to that end I have diligently immersed myself in learning all that I can in the last twelve months. I have increased wisdom and experiences that will serve me in my retirement. Retirement is the time to enjoy your family and friends, and reconnect with those with whom you have lost touch and it’s also a time for me to grow my business and pursue a lot of the things that working everyday prevents.

It’s important for me and anyone to not only mentally prepare for retirement, look after myself and do things I enjoy. Let go of things which bore me and do those things which I love to do. Be creative, paint, draw, write. Keep active walk, dance, jog.  Exercise my mind, do jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, read novels, watch educational television.  Expand my horizons, travel, join new groups, keep on learning. Relax, sleep when I need to, go to the movies, attend a concert. Eat healthily, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Keep healthy, see my doctor about symptoms which we all sometimes ignore and listen to the options offered if I need treatment then make informed decisions about what to have done. Be a mentor, let others benefit from my experiences. I’m a mother so I know my son and daughter still need advice.

Becoming retired is a chance to open new doors and enjoy life to the fullest in whatever way I want. So, I am grateful that I will have opportunities to make a difference both in my own life and to those around me.  Not only will I enjoy the years as I get older but I will also leave a positive legacy.


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