Tis the season

This year is the first Christmas season in thirty five years that I have not worried about having enough leave on the books to take off for the holidays. I’ve been retired almost three months now. Most days it seems surreal.

I thought about my ex co-workers and how we spent year after year making the Christmas season happy for everyone else by the work we did for a living. I can’t say that I hated my job but I will say that I was tired of working and wanted to pursue a more fulfilling life.

I have been busy this entire Christmas season. This year was my first time being a full-time business owner. My jigsaw puzzle business is a labor of love and I’ve enjoyed every puzzle I made, every online sell I have made, every puzzle that I’ve donated and all of the webinars, and support I have received from the major retailers that allowed me to feature my products on their websites. I can honestly say that I have learned a great deal about marketing, supply chain, exporting and networking.   Owning a business is a lot of work but when it’s your business it’s a lot more rewarding. I have made my last custom puzzle for this week and I plan to spend these three days before Christmas relaxing with my family. We will play games, talk, laugh, drink a little eggnog and enjoy each other. I’ve already written my business goals for 2017 and I’m excited and motivated to grow my brand.

Retirement has given me the opportunity to do something very specific with my time on my own terms and I don’t want to take it for granted.


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