5 things I plan to do when I retire

I’m retiring at the end of the month and I’m commonly asked what I’ll do after retiring. They want to know if I will be bored?  The quick answer is “Are you joking”?

The truth is, I’ve been fantasizing about retirement for years. I am more than ready to let go of being connected to my current employer.  I rarely find myself in a position where I’m bored anyway.  But let’s talk specifics, here are at least 5 things I’m planning to do?

1. First, I’m going to rest.  After working nights for years, I’m looking forward to getting my sleep cycle back on track. To be honest I’m exhausted. I want to wake up naturally, without an alarm clock in the middle of the day for fear of missing the whole day. I’m looking forward to sleeping at night and enjoying the mornings again.  I’ve worked overtime every day for years and I’m tired of 10 to 12 hour shifts.   It’s paid nicely for me and my family but it’s also worn me down.  I expect my rest period to last 6 months. I will not commit myself to any projects that are outside my resting goal.  I’m just going to exercise and read and relax.   I will work on my jigsaw puzzle business only a few hours per day.  This will be my time to detach myself from my job (former job).

2. I will get more involved with my mother’s caregiving. Currently my sister is living with her and helping her because she has confined herself to her bed. I can’t do much physically because I have bad bones in my foot that restrict me from heavy lifting but I can do lighter work such as cooking, cleaning and driving. We don’t live in the same city but a 4 hour drive is not that bad.  I’ve considered her living with me but my sister is resistant. I am also a caregiver to my adult daughter who has autism. She is mostly non-verbal, requires around the clock supervision but she is able to walk and help with preparing some of her food (cold cereal, finger snacks).

3. I’m going to get back in the gym. I love working out but it’s been hard since my daughter graduated from school and is home every day. I don’t like to always ask my son to watch her because he watches her at night when I work and I know how a person can be easily burned out. I can’t take her to the gym but I can take her for walks with me.  I hope to find her a day program that she can attend a few days a week.

4. I want to grow my business. I make custom jigsaw puzzles, and have a retail puzzle brand. I want to expand my product availability and become a leader in my field. Under my brand umbrella, I will professionally speak on stage as an advocate for autism. I’ve already graduated from a public speaking academy and I want to put what I’ve learned to good use. I also moderate a facebook  group named “That Caregiving Life” which I want to grow into thousands of users that can visit and become inspired, learn and share their caregiving story.

5. I will help my son (where asked and needed) to grow his career as a sportswriter). He loves sports and if he needs my help, I will assist in any way that I can. I hope to spend more time with both of my children. When you think of all the years you spend at work and away from home it’s incredible. I can’t go back and change things but I can change how I move forward.

These are 5 plans and I know this list will grow. I’m happy that I can even make a list.  I’M RETIRING.


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