The lottery

While sitting here working on my latest jigsaw puzzle I was thinking about an article I read earlier in the day about the women who won millions in the lottery and has bailed her boyfriend out of jail four times. Everyone seems to have an opinion about her actions and of course most people say that she is foolish. Money without knowledge of money management has made fools of many people. Winning large amounts of money has ruined many people’s lives. I hope the young lady who won the millions will make better decisions before she loses all her winning by making poor decisions.   Everyone who plays the big jackpots dreams about how life will be after they receive their windfall. The only time I play the lottery is when the jackpot is several million dollars and if my co-workers all go in on a ticket, I’ll opt in.  I don’t’ want to be the person who gets left behind at work while everyone else is off vacationing in Tahiti.  I think of it as insurance money.

Even though the odds are long, it’s fun to fantasize about life after I hit the lottery.  Although I know some of the things I would like to buy, I can’t imagine how stressful it would be to have people constantly coming to you for favors, loans and handouts.

So, what would I do if I won the lottery?   The biggest thing is what I would not do and that is waste my money bailing a boyfriend out of jail, especially four times. Well I have to get back to my jigsaw puzzle.  What would you do it you won?lottery ticket

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